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Dr. Sampadananda Mishra is an author, speaker and researcher on subjects related to Sanskrit, Indian Culture, Spirituality, Yoga and Education. A Sahitya Akademi and President of India Awardee, he is the Director of Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC).
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अदिति (aditi) – The Supreme Mother

For the second installment of our ‘Word of the Month’ series – वाग्वेद (vāgveda), we feature the word अदिति (aditi). Going in its root-sense, we see how the word indeed came to mean as the Infinite Mother, the Supreme Prakriti, the mother of all gods.

Seeing आकाश (ākāśa)

We start a new series under the title – वाग्वेद (vāgveda). Every month a particular Sanskrit word, preferably related to the theme of that month’s issue, will be highlighted and its detailed etymological explanation will be presented. The word for this month is आकाश (ākāśa).

Devabhasha – The Language Divine

This year the World Sanskrit Day coincides with India’s Independence Day and Sri Aurobindo’s birthday – August 15. In honour of this triple celebration, this issue of Renaissance is dedicated to Sanskrit, the language whose revival is essential for a true rebirth of India.

Is Sanskrit Relevant Today?

Sampadananda Mishra describes why Sanskrit remains relevant not only for today but also for the progressive evolution of humanity. A key highlight of this article is its focus on the living and breathing quality of Sanskrit language, and its amazing flexibility.

Build Character to Build Nation (Conclusion)

In this concluding part of the essay, we learn about the key methods and content areas, which as per Swami Vivekananda’s educational thought must become the basis for a holistic education aimed at character-building of the students.

Build Character to Build Nation (Part 1)

This essay, presented in two parts, expounds on Swami Vivekananda’s views on character development and also briefly discusses the basic themes of his philosophy of man-making education in the light of practical Vedanta.

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