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Adoration of the Divine Mother

This special issue is dedicated to invoking several of the names and forms of Shakti – from Aditi, the Divine Mother to Mother India, the Bharat Shakti; from Mahashakti and Her Four Great Powers to Woman as Shakti, Nāri Shakti. It is an expression of our adoration of the Divine Mother because Hers indeed is the force that moves all and acts in all, the universal Energy, the Conscious-Power.

The Mahashakti and Her Powers

Two selections from Sri Aurobindo’s writings are our guiding lights for this issue. What is the Mahashakti, the Divine Energy that governs all, is in all and transcends it all, and what are her powers? What is the Shakti that governs and guides the destiny of India?

अदिति (aditi) – The Supreme Mother

For the second installment of our ‘Word of the Month’ series – वाग्वेद (vāgveda), we feature the word अदिति (aditi). Going in its root-sense, we see how the word indeed came to mean as the Infinite Mother, the Supreme Prakriti, the mother of all gods.

Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri and True Women Empowerment

The author highlights a few verses to suggest how Savitri, Sri Aurobindo’s epic poem seems like a proclamation of the inexhaustible female powers and gives magical formulae of true women empowerment.

Epic Heroines

The author here eloquently speaks of the significant place leading women from Indian itihasa-s hold in collective Indian psyche. She gives examples of various literary creations in which she feels the portrayals of our ‘epic heroines’ continue to inspire and enlighten the Indian women to this day and show them the path to truly becoming strong and powerful making their choices.

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