Talk by Kundan Singh

Continued from Part 1

In this second part of the talk, Kundan highlights that the same prejudicial narrative on India that we find in some of the academic circles in the West also carries over to Indian academic and other spheres. He emphasises that this is so because most Indians do not have a correct, insider understanding of the true genius of Indian culture.

Quoting some of the key insights from Sri Aurobindo’s essays titled “The Renaissance in India” Kundan highlights what he thinks may be understood by Sri Aurobindo’s emphasis on the “recovery of the old spiritual knowledge and experience in all its splendour, depth and fullness” as the first, most essential work that must be done for a renewal of India’s unique civilizational spirit.

He also speaks about the need to know the past, but in a way that helps us revitalize it, move ahead and bring forth the essential spirit of the past in newer forms appropriate to the present and future that is yet to come.

Part 2 of SAFIC Special Lecture, January 9, 2019, Speaker: Dr. Kundan Singh (Topic: Sri Aurobindo and Renaissance in India)

To be continued….

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