The Golden Day

This issue, like the previous month is dedicated to the idea of rasa, ananda and saundarya. The featured article here (in three parts) is a continuation of from the previous month and deals with the rasa as the Primary and Secondary Modes of Aesthetic Consciousness, rasa in Art and Personality of the Artist, and how the Primary Modes of Aesthetic Consciousness shapes the Aesthetic Experience.

The Delight of Existence

This issue is dedicated to the idea of rasa, ananda and saundarya. The featured article here (in four parts) deals with the concept and meaning of rasa in which the author not only deals with the semantic approach but also its connection with the transcendental and immanent reality, and the seership of the artist. The word of the month is suṣamā. The Guiding Light section has some beautiful passages from Sri Aurobindo’s writings related to beauty and rasa.

Rasa: It’s Meaning and Scope By V K Gokak (Original Version from Sri Aurobindo Circle Journal 1966) – Part 4

Kishor Gandhi: Furthering the Evolutionary Transition: Continued from part 3: The manifestation of the supramental Truth will or will not be preceded by destruction will depend upon the choice that humanity makes. It may, however, be argued that ultimately it is not the human choice but the Divine Grace that decides everything… but it is also necessary to remember that in the actual workings of the world the human will and choice are not irrelevant factors.

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