Will the New Creation be Preceded by Destruction? (Part 2)

Kishor Gandhi: True Meaning of the Destroyer Aspect of the Divine: Continued from part 1: This Gita’s conception of God as the Time-Spirit in the aspect of the Destroyer should not be identified with the crude Semitic religious idea of God as a stern and wrathful almighty Creator and Judge who punishes the sinners and casts them into an eternal hell.

Will the New Creation be Preceded by Destruction? (Part 3)

Kishor Gandhi: The Two Choices Before Humanity: Continued from part 2: If it willingly consents to change its consciousness to receive the Truth, then its evolutionary development will work itself out smoothly and harmo¬niously. But if it persists in its present egoistic consciousness and blindly sides with the obstructing forces of Falsehood then it will not be able to avert destruction.

Will the New Creation be Preceded by Destruction? (Part 4)

Kishor Gandhi: Furthering the Evolutionary Transition: Continued from part 3: The manifestation of the supramental Truth will or will not be preceded by destruction will depend upon the choice that humanity makes. It may, however, be argued that ultimately it is not the human choice but the Divine Grace that decides everything… but it is also necessary to remember that in the actual workings of the world the human will and choice are not irrelevant factors.

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