We all experience that time comes and goes. The future becomes present and the present becomes past, immediate past becomes remote past, and so on and so forth. All this happens in so subtle a manner that we with our limited consciousness are unable to grasp the mysterious characteristics of TIME. And thus, instead of flowing in harmony with the movement of Time we are spent by the Time. This is because our conception of time and space is very limited. In fact time is indivisible or akhaṇḍa. The past, present, future, morning, evening, noon, this time or that time, all these are conceptions of our limited mind. The ultimate reality is Timeless and beyond our conception of past, present and future – trikālātīta.  Going beyond the limited consciousness therefore means to live in the Timelessness.  How beautiful it would be to live in this state of timelessness.  

The present issue of Renaissance is dedicated to the concept of TIME. The featured article ‘Will the New Creation be Preceded by Destruction’? by Kishor Gandhi, republished from the 1966 issue of Sri Aurobindo Society Annual, discusses about the TIME as the destroyer and highlights the following point: “NOW that the supramental Truth which will create a New Age in human evolution is increasingly pressing to manifest in the external life of the world, the question naturally arises as to how it will deal with those elements in the life and consciousness of humanity which still obstinately resist its advent and which blindly or deliberately side with the forces of Falsehood which vehemently seek to prevent its reign upon earth. Or, since the supramental Truth directly manifests the Will of God, how will God deal with these obstructing elements in humanity? Will He destroy them?”

This article contributes a lot towards a deeper understanding of not just the concept of Time but also about the role of Time as a destroyer in materializing the Supramental creation.

The word of the month presented in this issue is the Sanskrit word काल kāla which refers to time and death, and in its root-sense means that which is measured or reckoned. The Guiding Light section of this issue has four beautiful passages from Sri Aurobindo’s writings on the idea of Timelessness and living in the eternal present.

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Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2020.

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